Saturday, August 1, 2015

Help me maintain Project Thirty-Three

Hello followers and fans,

Thanks for all the kind and encouraging letters regarding Project Thirty-Three. They are much appreciated and were enough to convince me to dust off my scanner and upload a few new covers this week after a long hiatus.

Truth be told, I'm simply too busy these days to maintain this blog properly, which is a shame because I still have hundreds of spectacular covers in my collection to share.

I’d love to find somebody locally in the Seattle area to help me maintain and perhaps even improve upon this site. It will to be a labor of love (aka non-paying) unless we can figure out a way to tastefully monetize the blog.

There is also the possibility of helping me shop and create a Project Thirty-Three book, in which case there could be job opportunities. I don’t currently have a book deal but I've had countless requests and a few very strong leads with agents and publishers.

If this interests you please contact me with a letter and/or resume via this site or Jive Time Records.

Thanks for being part of the nearly one million site visits to Project Thirty-Three!

Cheers! David

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Casimir said...

I don't know if that wil be of any help but Shaun had the same kind of project than yours and he succeded with his book ( May be you could chat with him and get some advice

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